Monza Park

Walking tracks


The walking tracks are indicated by signs that are located near the six entrances and are signaled by arrows on the ground, identification plates and wooden truncated pyramids; they are yellow for the 3-kilometres long track, blue for the 5-kilometres, red for the 10-kilometres and green for the one of the Royal Half Marathon. It is called Royal Half Marathon because of its length of 21,097 kilometers, which is exactly a half of a marathon; the only official half marathon track in Italy, and all this inside the Park. All the four tracks were measured and certified by FIDAL.
The tracks all start from Viale dei Tigli, left to the entrance of Monza, which is the main entrance of Viale Brianza.

A real Royal dream!

We are pleased to announce the inauguration of the new walking tracks in the Royal Park of Monza. It is an initiative that was devised and realised by two colleagues, agents of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, Ruggero Zecca (representative of the Agency in Monza) and Roberto Grignani (representative of the Agency in Seregno). They had the idea of renovating those tracks that were not visible, thanks to the precious willingness of the Consortium of the Park and of the Royal Villa.

“We wanted to offer to the several joggers from Monza, Brianza and Milan that run every day in the wonderful Park some tracks suited to all the demands, from the beginner to the professional runner” stated Ruggero Zucca. “Associating Reale Mutua with the Royal Villa of Monza is a reason for pride and prestige for us. Our company has always been near to themes such as sport and nature. And here we are in their highest expression” said Roberto Grignani.

Also the President of the Consortium of the Royal Villa and of Monza Park Roberto Scanagatti commented on the creation of the new tracks: “These new walking tracks will be able to enhance the Park, which is one of the jewels of our city. The adjustment of the tracks has started a long time ago and we have always believed in this work: today it is finally something real and important for us, and for that we must thank those who believed in this and help us realise it. With this adjustment the Park further improves its already considerable attractiveness, especially with regard to the thousands of athletes and among them many professionals of different disciplines who chose it as their training place. We are sure that our change will be really appreciated by many amateurs of a healthy sport and also by many families. Our administration will continue to bet on the relaunch of Monza Park, the Royal Villa and of the whole local historic, artistic and environmental heritage, also to better seize the opportunities that are already opening up with a view of Expo 2015”.

 “The practice of sport in Monza Park represents a “mass phenomenon” that affects thousands and thousands of people that usually spend time in its spaces, avenues, boulevards and green areas the whole day and every season of the year. The opportunity of doing it in a context of extraordinary environmental, historic, architectural and landscape value is absolutely incomparable. Therefore, we set out to provide guidance and technical resources which were useful to the practice of sport, encouraging at the same time an aware and respectful behaviour with regard to the environmental context.
The actions of the managing institution, the Consortium of the Royal Villa and of Monza Park, are moving in this direction. With the precious partnership of Reale Mutua the previous walking tracks have been implemented and a new one of 21 kilometres has been added. Only in Monza Park, the biggest fenced park in Europe, it is possible to realise it without going back to the same place” continues the manager of the Consortium of the Royal Villa and Monza Park Lorenzo Lamperti.