Monza Park

Viale dei Tigli

Viale dei Tigli, which runs perpendicular to Viale Cavriga, connects the Gatehouse of Monza to the Hill in Vedano, following the direction of the external walls along the south-western border of the Park.

As already highlighted in the blueprints of the architect Canonica at the beginning of the nineteenth century, Viale dei Tigli, with its several rows of high trees, represents a visual curtain that divides the park from the city streets, hides it and safeguards its wonders. The first part of the avenue towards the north runs along the area of the Mathematical Orchard, which has been recently recovered, with Cascina Frutteto in the middle. Running along the Park’s border, the avenue then clearly turns to the east towards Cascina Fontana, until the foot of the Hill in Vedano. The linden tree, which is a tree species traditionally used in tree avenues to offer shadow during summer heat, inebriates with the smell of its flowers in Juny and July, and offers a wonderful view for the eye when its leaves colour themselves of a bright yellow in autumn.