Monza Park

Viale Cavriga

The tree avenue Cavriga, which is the only vehicle-accessible street of the Park, connects the Gatehouse of Monza with the eastern Entrance of Villasanta. 

The important street inside the Park follows, since the original blueprint of the architect Canonica, a parallel direction to the one of the prospect in the Royal Gardens, that is the imaginary axis between Milan and Verona, which was the capital of the Asburgic Emperor at that time. The avenue obliquely crosses the other main axis of the Park, Viale Mirabello. In its path, Viale Cavriga gets near to many Park’s important points of interest, such as Viale dei Tigli, the Mathematical Orchard, the neoclassical Cavriga Pavilion, Cascina Bastia, the meander of the river Lambro with Cavriga Bridge and the Roundhouse of Liriodendri. The avenue runs along a double row of oaks and was called Viale dei Roveri in the past, but, since in the 1930s these trees were replaced by plane trees, the name was changed into the homonym Cavriga Bridge, perhaps from the Lombard term cavre (goats), animals that often browse on the river bank.