Monza Park

the small lake of Valle dei Sospiri

Originating from the Roggia del Principe, the small lake of Valle Sospiri (literally the “small lake of the sigh valley”), smaller than the one in the Royal Gardens, looks like a pleasant and romantic place.

Just beyond the fence of the Royal Gardens, the Roggia del Principe stretches to form the small lake of Valle dei Sospiri, different in size but similar in depth to the one near the Royal Palace. Here the garden planned leaves room for the nature, which freely expresses itself in glimpses of a romantic and calm beauty. The trees that reflect in the water with their different shapes and their flowerings give this shady place an atmosphere that makes people think and sigh. Downline of the lake, a sluice with a waterfall leads the water to the Roggia della Pelucca; not too far from it, visitors can go outside the Park through the gate of the Grazie Vecchie, which leads to the homonym monastery Santa Maria of the fifteenth century. To the north of the Lake a small elevation offers a wonderful panoramic viewpoint towards Viale Mirabello.