Monza Park

Rondò dei Liriodendri

Circular lay-by situated along Viale Cavriga, the Rondò is close to the Entrance of Villasanta. It owes its name to Tulip Trees that decorate the perimeter. 

Also called “Rondò dei Tulipiferi” or “Rondò del Cavriga”, the roundhouse exists since the first version of Canonica’s project. Crossed from one side to the opposite by Viale Cavriga, the Roundhouse is used as junction point between this important paved path and other lateral clay avenues such as Viale dei Liquidambar (towards the north), an avenue that leads to the Rondò degli Ippocastani (towards the south) and an avenue that connected the river Lambro to the border of the park, passing through the Rondò delle Roveri (from the north-west to the south-east). The name of this roundhouse refers to the row of tulip trees that surrounds it and that offers a wonderful scenery in autumn, when these trees’ leaves get a bright yellow-orange colour