Monza Park

Rondò degli Ippocastani

Important pedestrian roundhouse situated along the main perspective telescope of the Park, the direction that ideally connects the Royal Villa to the Hapsburg residence of Schönbrunn in Vienna. 

The Rondò degli Ippocastani, which is an ancient hunting roundhouse that exists since the first versions of Canonica’s general requalification project, represents one of the junction points of the perspective avenue system in the south-eastern area of the Park. Although it is smaller than the Rondò dei Lidodendri and than the Rondò delle Roveri to which is directly connected, it is not less important. In this junction also the so called Viale degli Ippocastani converges. Its track, running beyond the Chains Bridge, completes the long and incredible perspective telescope that ideally connects Milan, the Royal Villa in Monza and the capital of the Hapsburg Empire Vienna.

The roundhouse owes its name to the presence of horse chestnuts, which were isolated as well as situated in rows and with their thick foliage cast a pleasant shadow on the paths.