Monza Park

Roggia della Pelucca

The Roggia della Pelucca (“Irrigation ditch of Pelucca”), which once used to took water from fountains that are now nearly inactive, had a lot of importance for the history of the city of Monza. It gathers the water from the Roggia del Principe (“Prince irrigation ditch”)..

Around 1521, in order to irrigate some of his farms in the south of Monza, the landowner was allowed to take water from two fountains now situated in the area of the Park, and more exactly behind the Fagianaia Reale, near Mulini San Giorgio. The irrigation ditch then crossed the park in the direction of the current Mulino del Cantone (“Mill of Cantone”) and went on towards the city centre of Monza. Originally called “Rabia” or “Rabina”, then “Roggia della Pelucca” from the name of a farmstead in which it ended, the ditch was once used also for the several “launderettes” and as a canal to let the waste water of private houses and structure of the Monza district flow. Between the 1930s and the 1950s due to several reasons, within the construction of a golf field and the lowering of the groundwater table of the northern territory in Milan, the fountains gradually stopped to distribute water and then became completely inactive at the end of the 1960s. Nowadays, in the irrigation system, which has been recently cleaned and reinforced, the water coming from the Roggia del Principe is conducted to the exit of the small lake of the Valle dei Sospiri