Villa Reale

Ranieri of Habsburg

Ranieri Giuseppe of Habsburg-Lorrain had a really famous grandmother: the great Maria Teresa of Austria. He was, indeed, the son of the Emperor Leopoldo II (more precisely the third to last of sixteenth children). After receiving many administrative offices from his elder brother, the Emperor Francesco I, Ranieri was elected Viceroy in 1818 of Lombardy and Veneto, where he stayed for 30 years with the same role. He was dedicated, charitable, botany lover and, during his summer stays in Villa Reale, he particularly liked the royal gardens and the huge park commissioned by the French. He escaped from Milan the 17th March 1848, some hours after the outbreak of the revolution. Since he married Maria Elisabetta of Savoia-Carignano, the sister of the King of Sardinia Carlo Alberto, he was the maternal uncle of Vittorio Emanuele II, but also his father-in-law since this one married his daughter Adelaide.