Monza Park

Portineria Vedano

The keeper’s house has been monitoring the entrance to the Park towards Vedano since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The ogival portal gives access to the vehicle-accessible street that leads to the Fagiana Reale between the Racetrack and Viale Mirabello.

The private building, with the role of gatehouse, was built in the first half of the 19th century as a dwelling for the keeper of the Royal Park entrance from Vedano. Characterised by an irregular shape and without particular stylistic tracts, it appears as a group of three two-floor structures, with a pitched roof with clay tiles. What is particularly interesting is the eclectic portal, with an ogival arch and a false moulding, which seems to have inspired the portal near the Scottish Lodge built in the mid-nineteenth century by Carlo Ghirlanda Silva in the garden inherited by the uncle Ercole Silva in the close Cinisello. In both cases the portal is connected to a central-plan pavilion, which coincided in Silva’s garden with the shepherds’ hut annexed to the ruins of the castle of Giano: this is a theme particularly used in the landscape garden with an “English style”, which the architect of the Gatehouse certainly knew. 

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