Monza Park

Poetry Routes

The poetic route, curated by La Casa della Poesia di Monzafollows an itinerary inside the Parco Reale di Monza. 30 exhibition panels have been installed, each containing an unpublished work by a contemporary Italian poet on EXPO themes, with an English translation by Erika Pauli and Laura Ricci and an illustration by the artist Maria Micozzi. The poets who donated a work for the occasion are: Sebastiano Aglieco, Lino Angiuli, Corrado Bagnoli, Cristina Balzaretti, Marco Bellini, Alessio Brandolini, Franco Buffoni, Luigi Cannillo, Anna Maria Carpi, Salvatore Contessini, Vittorino Curci, Roberto Deidier, Renzo Favaron, Annamaria Ferramosca, Stefano Guglielmin, Tomaso Kemeny, Giancarlo Majorino, Piero Marelli, Cinzia Marulli, Luciana Moretto, Guido Oldani, Rita Pacilio, Isabella Panfilo, Elio Pecora, Paolo Pezzaglia, Laura Ricci, Davide Rondoni, Luigia Sorrentino, Salvatore Sblando, Anna Toscano. The Park therefore becomes an important location for the promotion, through poetry, of environmental renovation, culture and sustainability. The Mirabello Cultura exhibition will support the initiative and will give voice to the dissemination of knowledge and awareness during a year rich in cultural events that will represent an opportunity for dialogue between science, technology and culture, aimed at encouraging new models for renewal.