mabinogion by alan lee
Monza Park

On the paths of Kinghts and Witches

mabinogion by alan lee


Departure: After going through the Gothic entrance of Vedano, you will walk up the avenue Viale Vedano. After 200 metres there is the imperious walnut, which is the meeting place of all the witches for their midnight assemblies that are also called "sabbaths".

Proceeding along Viale Vedano you reach the Gnomes Wood. If you go into it, you will feel so small in front of the height of all these trees. Going back to the main avenue, you will arrive at the Fagianaia. Here an ancient knight lives; you can find him drawn also on the restaurant's emblem that shows also his name. In full-moon nights, when the meadows opposite the Fagianaia are whitened by a bright light, you can hear the drumming of hooves; right afterwards the ghost appears.

Arrival: Walking thourgh the meadow it is possible to glimpse the two towers of the ancient residence Villa Mirabello. Here fairies and elves dwell under the majestic horse chestnut, a centuries-old tree with inedible chestnuts.