fairy immagine di Brian Froud
Monza Park

On the paths of Gnomes

fairy immagine di Brian Froud


The history and the longevity of Monza Park made sure that myths and legends about the oldest buildings and trees were collected. Here there is a perfect itinerary for children of 3 years of age and older and for adults that have never got old! 

Departure: When the most expert young visitors go through the Entrance of Monza, they know that they are entering a magic world populated by mysterious fairies. It is known that the best moment for a close encounter with them is the sunset. Go on with the tour and leave your everyday life behind, in this place you live only on fantasy and on nature’s beauty.

Proceed until the first crossroads, here you will find Cascina Cavriga, then turn left and walk into the magic wood. After some metres you will see a big beech between the elder bushes, a tree dear to witches. It is said that under this big tree the wild parties of the Park’s fairies take place. In some periods of the year, especially in autumn, it is also possible to see mushrooms circles which are also called “fairies’ circles”.

In front of you there is Cascina Bastia; from its yard it is possible to go into the Gardens of the Royal Palace. Inside them you can admire the small lake of the Royal Gardens. This is the favourite place of the Undines, which are water creatures similar to fairies. The Tower then hosts the ghost of an old lady with long hair. Her name was Poetry. It is said that in the night of the 24th of June it is possible to hear her singing near the Temple.

Proceeding along the lake, you will reach the cave of the treasures’ guardians: the kobolds. At dusk, if you remain silent you can hear the ticking of their pickaxes while they are looking for precious stones underground.

Arrival: if you run in the big field situated behind the Royal Palace it is possible to relax under the two big oaks, one called red due to its leaves’ autumn colour and the other one home-grown.

These ancient trees are so old that they have seen generations of Gnomes. Do you know them? They have a completely red pointy hat and live under oaks’ roots. Their doors are so close to your shoes! You can leave them some sweets, they love them, or also some drops of good milk in an acorn!

Length of the itinerary: about 4 km
Itinerary: appropriate for children of 3 years of age and older