Villa Reale

Massimiliano and Carlotta

In the autumn of 1857, Massimiliano, Viceroy of Lombardy-Veneto, and Carlotta, his wife since some months, came to Italy. They were heading to Milan, where they arrived on the 6th of Semptember. Carlotta immediately preferred to live in her country house, the Villa of Monza, because it was more spacious than the main residence in Milan and had a magnificent garden. Carlotta loved living in Monza where she had a real court and received her guests every day. After only one year she was forced to leave Monza and had to move to Trieste, where she was reached by his husband Massimiliano, who was also forced to leave Milan during the Second War of Independence. In 1857 Massimiliano tried to eliminate the cultivations in the Monza Park, in order to turn it into a place of only meadows and woods. Fortunately, the population requested and obtained the retreat of this measure.