Villa Reale

Giocondo Albertolli

In 1770 he was in Tuscany at the court of the Grand Duke and worked for the Villa of Poggio Imperiale, decorating with stuccos the hall for parties. He moved to Rome and then to Neaples, where he met the architects Vanvitelli, who put him in contact with their pupil Giuseppe Piermarini. This one called him in Milan in 1774 for the decoration of the apartments in the Royal Palace in Milan; the collaboration with the architect Piermarini lasted about 20 years and was crucial for the Lombard architecture, furniture and city planning at that time.

After settling permanently in Milan in 1774, he started in 1776 the career as a teacher of decoration in the new Academy of Fine Arts in Brera and stayed there until 1812.

There he carried out the largest part of his activity. Still there he worked as a furniture and decoration designer at the same time on the most important Lombard neoclassical monuments at the Court of Habsburg: the Royal Palace in Milan, La Scala Theatre, the Reggia in Mantova and the Villa Reale in Monza.

(Bedano 1742 –1839)