Monza Park

Collinetta di Vedano

Situated in the western area of the Park, the Hill of Vedano offers a raised viewpoint on the Park and a landscape point of interest along the walls’ perimeter.

The hill, which is obtained by the material coming from the digging of the lake- which does not exist anymore- of Villa Mirabello, was both a production and a panoramic point. The hill was planted with rows of Lambrusco vines and its top, in the shadow of an iron temple called Temple of the Hill, offered a wide panoramic view on the Park, and in particular on Cascina Fontana, the two villas Mirabello and Mirabellino and on Viale dei Carpini, which connected them. In the middle of the nineteenth century the vines were replaced by a thick wood of spruce pines, which however obstructed the panoramic view. Therefore, during the requalification in 2006, the red pines, which were damaged by an epidemic, were replaced with short trees, so that the role of panoramic viewpoint could be regained. The currant trees used were put following a regular pattern to create an effect similar to that of vines rows. Moreover, a small group of white mulberries evokes the lost temple.