Monza Park

Bosco Bello

Autodromo Nazionale Circuit

Situated in the north of the park, Bosco Bello is a particularly beautiful wooded area which alreasy existed before the project of the architect Luigi Canonica. It now appears quite damaged due to the racetrack’s structure.

The wooded area already existed in the fourteenth century and had the shape of an oaks or hornbeams area, with the predominance of oaks. The wood has thinned out in time and was thus rebuilt by Canonica, using, in addition to oaks, also white hornbeams, maples and elms; later, red oaks, black locusts and black cherries have been introduced. From the descriptions of the mid-nineteenth century this forest must have been an ancient-charming place, with spectacular landscapes and interesting views on the neighbouring architectures. Nowadays the context has radically changed. Several parts of the Bosco Bello, which were one connected to each other, are now divided by the structures of the F1 circuit.

The wooded area, which already existed in the general structured planned by the architect Canonica to create an exemplary agricultural company and a completely-fenced hunting lodge, can be noticed in several plans with hunting roundhouses, from which the courses for the court’s hunting hobbies originated. Already in the fourteenth century it had the structure of a oaks and hornbeams area, with the predominance of oaks, which thinned out in time and were thus rebuilt by the architect Canonica. In addition to oaks, also white hornbeams, maples and elms were used in this period; later, exotic species such as red oaks, black locusts and black cherries were introduced. In 1841 Mezzotti, the health program manager, after a long walk through the Park of the Royal Palace, published the memory for future visitors: “From the centre of Bosco Bello, from each avenues [Rondò della Stella or  Rondò dei Carpini] in the east the deers’ enclosure and a vague hill; to the south-east the bell-tower in Omate; to the south Monza, to the south-west the new horse stable that looks like an ancient temple (…). We must admit that it is difficult to find a similar view, such a surprising landscape and all this in the middle of a romantic wood (…)” (G.A.MEZZOTTI, Passeggiata nel Real Parco di Monza per I viaggiatori della strada ferrata da Milano a Monza, Milano, 18). Nowadays the landscape has completely changed. The Bosco Bello and the eight avenues that originate from the Rondò della Stella have been partially restricted by the structure of the F1 circuit. From the 1990s, in addition to the considerable damage at the trees, also the views on the historic and art elements have been compromised with a following isolation of the portico of the Deers’ Enclosure and a partial cover-up of the Hill in Vedano, which is located to the west of the Hunting Wood.