Monza Park

Along the River Lambro

Starting point: This itinerary takes place in the area through which runs the River Lambro and its ancient watercourses. We start from the Franciscan Santuario delle Grazie, in late Gothic style (1473), though greatly altered. We then cross the bridge (1683) over the River Lambro to reach the entrance in the Park wall.

We continue, to the right, along the lane alongside the river. Numerous arboreal species are found along the way: plane trees, alders, Bolle’s poplars and hybrid poplars, typical riverbank vegetation, a few hornbeams, maples and ash trees. We cross the prospect between Villa Reale and Ponte delle Catene to reach, still following the river, Viale Cavriga. We turn right, crossing the Lambro, and take a footpath on the left into the woods, continuing on the opposite bank. We cross a wood and the Mulino del Cantone comes into sight on the other side of the river.

Arrival point: After returning to the asphalt road, we reach Cascina Mulini Asciutti, a double building with annexed outhouses. Through this flows the watercourse of the same name that once operated no fewer than six grinders at the same time (only one remains today). We continue along the tree-lined avenue to cross the river at the Ponte del Bertoli (1853). We keep to the right along Viale di San Giorgio and cross two small bridges over the stagnant water of the Roggia (watercourse). A few meters after the second, we turn left onto the untarmacked road. The fence of the Golf Club is on our right, Cascina Mulini di San Giorgio is on our left.

Continuing along the untarmacked road we return to the Ponte dei Bertoli; here we turn right and follow Viale del Cantone as far as the building that gives it its name. We then continue till Viale Cavriga, which we cross to take a footpath that flanks the meadows of Cascina Cernuschi, designed by Canonica as an equestrian supplement to Villa Mirabello. At the edge of the wood, we take the avenue lined with hackberry trees and continue to the asphalted road, near the boundaries of the Giardini Reali.   We continue down this road. For a short stretch, we walk beside the lake, fed artificially by a spring, and then continue down to the gate in Via Boccaccio, the beginning and end of our itinerary along the Lambro.  

Length of route: about 7.5 km.

Route: suitable for everyone both on foot and by bicycle, but not on tandem.  Nice in all seasons.